Cosmetic clay: Facial mask for wrinkles and your skin beauty

blue cosmetic clay
How to make your skin younger and healthier? You do not need to resort to expensive cosmetic procedures and SPA-salons. There are more affordable and easy way – the mask of cosmetics homemade clay. So you could decide what kind of magic bullet to prefer, we decided to tell about the properties of all available types of cosmetic clay. Blue cosmetic clay is recommended for oily skin types. It improves metabolism, Cleans and disinfects, removes inflammation, prevents pimples, removes shine. However, the masks of blue clay should not be neglected and the owner of a mixed type of skin. Deposited on the problem areas have a high fat content, it evens out skin conditions. Blue clay and rescues of facial wrinkles, but cope with the deeper it, unfortunately, can not do. During the summer months will save the blue clay of age spots and freckles. In addition to the cosmetic properties of this type of clay is able to enrich the skin with potassium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphate and radium.
black cosmetic clay
Black cosmetic clay

Black clay is suitable for all skin types, but most effectively it copes with the problems of oily skin. Masks of this type of cosmetic clay pores, cleanse skin and eliminate shine. If you can not cope with cellulite and body fat, body wraps can also be made of black clay. These procedure acceptable and at home. Black clay has a unique feature – it quickly cleans the skin of toxins, so cosmetologists recommend doing a daily express masks before the evening shower to the skin for night rest. The black clay containing calcium, magnesium, iron, strontium, and quartz.
yellow cosmetic clay
Yellow cosmetic clay

Yellow clay – the savior of oily skin. Regular use of face masks based on it can eliminate shine, reduce pores and normalize the process of cell regeneration. Yellow clay is easy to cope with inflammatory processes in skin, Tones and gives her a healthy and flourishing appearance. With the yellow clay you can get rid of the hated cellulite. Regular wrapping will bring results, and the legs will undoubtedly become more attractive.
green cosmetic clay
Green cosmetic clay

Green clay improves skin texture, minimizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, pores and eliminates shine, to cope with inflammatory processes, and therefore recommended for those who lose in the fight against acne. Mask of green clay nourish the skin cells so substance Zinc, silver, calcium, copper.
white cosmetic clay
White cosmetic clay

White clay is recommended to owners of greasy and mixed types skin. It dries, eliminates shine, is inflammation, heals acne, improves person. Among its unique features can be attributed, and correction of facial contours. However, the beneficial effects will be noticeable only if the position is not running. Also has a white clay bleaching properties.
red cosmetic clay
Red cosmetic clay

Red clay will help restore fading skin youth. Masks on the basis of its unique in that they actively saturate every cell in the skin refreshing oxygen. This improves blood circulation and skin cell rejuvenation process begins to occur much more active. In addition, facials red clay relieves itching and treat rosacea.
pink cosmetic clay
Pink cosmetic clay

Pink clay, which can be obtained by mixing red and white, tightens facial contours, making skin more young and healthy. It smooths out facial wrinkles, copes with the “crow’s feet” around the eyes. It is recommended to owners of all skin types.
cosmetic clay
Helpful Hints cosmetic clay:

- To enhance the properties of cosmetic masks out of clay, it is not forbidden to mix different colors. Of course, you must use exactly those types of clay that fit your type skin.

- Subjecting the mass of any type of cosmetic clay, you need to cover your face with a thin film. This will prevent the clay from drying out prematurely and will save you from discomfort during cosmetic procedure and tightened skin sensations, when the mask is washed off.

- In an effort to make the skin more youthful, healthy and beautiful face is not mask of the cosmetic clay. It is recommended to keep it less than 15 minutes, otherwise you’ll have to save the tired skin moisturizer. Be beautiful with such a gift of nature, as a cosmetic clay!

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